Moments of Bliss

Beside the Serene River Spiti…

I couldn’t have enough of the crystal clear emerald green water meandering its way through the nooks and corners of the big tall mountains. Sitting on the banks of Spiti River, all I could hear was the soft gentle gushing sound of water. The gurgling sound of water was healing and soothing to the mind. It was a moment of pure bliss and I felt transported to a different world. The serene calmness of the water quietened my mind and cleared out all thoughts. The peaceful moment was mystically overpowering and I could think of nothing else.

Pic 1: Spiti River sometimes emerald green sometimes a tinge of blue

Originating from the Kunzum mountain range and fed by the glaciers melting from the top of the Himalayan range, the river is an epitome of peace and tranquility. Its calmness seem to radiate an eloquence and grace that made it gloriously beautiful. To me it seemed to be wearing a constant smile, welcoming me with open arms, and making me feel at home and comfortable.

Alongside the river and just a little distance away, runs the only road in Spiti Valley, which serves as a passageway for thousands of vehicles ferrying people across their destinations.The river didn’t seem to be affected at all by the tarmac road and its activities. It kept flowing along its own course shining and glowing all the way.

Shouldn’t I be like the river, I wondered? Unperturbed by all the happenings around me and be my best self always? Possibly I cannot but at least I can try. Will I remember this when I go back to the city?

Pic 2: The tarmac road, the elegant river, and the barren mountains

The glistening stones smoothened over time with the flowing water was clearly visible through the shallow water. These stones laying on the river bed appeared to sparkle even though they were covered by a layer of colourless slippery moss. I tried stepping onto one but it didn’t let me stand. I wondered what stories they would tell. Each one would surely have a story of their own. They must have seen so much through the passage of time. If they could talk, what conversations would they have with me and with one another? I giggled at the thought of telling them about the world of AI and IoT.

I sat there for a long while staring at the transparent water. The river had captivated my imagination and I felt I could sit just like that forever. My mind was blank and I must have been smiling. “Didi, look here!” suddenly these words came flowing through the wind putting an end to my blissful reverie. It was my sister calling out from a distance. She was positioning her camera to click a picture. While I sat there, she walked along the banks, both of us were lost in our own worlds.

Pic 3: I could sit there forever

Those moments of serenity and tranquility I treasure. Much as I wish, I cannot get that here in my city. Drowned in the humdrum of daily life, I miss those moments. The anticipation of the next such opportunity keeps me going. Until then, I just gratify myself with those wonderful moments carefully stored in a corner of my heart. My source of sustenance, as I patiently and eagerly wait for the next blissful moment….


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18 thoughts on “Moments of Bliss”

  1. Great pics and very well expressed experience. I can relate to it as I had travelled by the Spiti river a couple of years back. Serene, peaceful…no words seem to be apt to describe it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gitali, Thank you for reading and I’m so happy to hear from you. If you’ve been to Spiti, you’ll surely relate. I’ve written 7 posts after coming back from there 😀 ……hope you are doing well.


  2. I loved reading your description of the river, I love nature as much as you do. I just visited Kulekhani dam and one tree hill close to the dam. We did boating, we spent a day there but I never get enough of it. Now, I think I’ll need to visit a river.


    1. So glad to hear that you love nature too, though I did guess that reading your comments :)….and thank you once again for reading. I would love to hear more about the dam you visited and if possible see a picture or two 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I only have 2 pics, one is my gravator pic and another one is of me sitting on the boat. The dam looks like a lake because it is big. Green lake surrounded by green hills. Actually the hills standing on its bank makes it more beautiful. At some places the lake had some small island. We stopped at one island. We couldnt visit the entire lake on one day. That was unfortunate.


        1. Well, I can visualize with that description. The lake must be really big if it has not just one but a few islands! I do hope you go there again and explore some more 🙂


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