Namma Bengaluru – Too Used to You!

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It’s a dull day once again. There has been no sun for the past two months or more. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I have forgotten how sunshine feels like.

As I look out of the window, my mind ponders and the same thoughts start pouring in all over again. Have I outgrown this city? Is this about the weather? Well, the rest of India is envious of us. So what? It’s so dull and dreary. No, I think it’s the traffic that wastes so much of my time or is it just the monotony of life?

It’s been seven long years since I came to this city. And, it’s the longest I have lived in any place outside my hometown of Shillong.

‘Namma Bengaluru’ – as we lovingly address the city meaning ‘Our Bangalore’ has mostly been good to me.

Unlike most people, my moving to Bangalore wasn’t a planned one, it just happened quite by chance. When I landed here, my intention was to stay for a year and leave. Instead, I ended up settling down here. And, it’s not just me, many others who have made Bangalore their home will tell you the same story.

I had moved in to Bangalore from Hyderabad, where I had spent just nine months. Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is a great place. I loved the city but things did not work out for me probably because I hated my job and I missed home badly. Bangalore was more like an escape and I thought it was my stepping stone to go back to Kolkata where I had lived before Hyderabad for a little more than two years and where I had friends and relatives.

I was ready for a Hyderabad-like scenario in Bangalore. But, within a month of being here, I started feeling very much at home. Caring friends and helpful neighbours made settling down really easy. Soon after, my sister and a close friend also moved to Bangalore. And, three of us have had some of the best times of our lives together – movies, theaters, pubs, outdoors, you name it and we have done it.

However, in the recent past, I often feel stifled and bored here. The city seems to have no life and it feels very robotic, monotonous, and lonesome. Sometimes I even contemplate if I should go to some other city. But when I try to think of an alternative no place comes to mind. I can only think of Shillong but that wouldn’t work – there are no jobs for us.

In a scornful mood, I despise the traffic jams, the consistently depressive cloudy weather, the mall hopping culture, the expensiveness of everything, the crowded streets, the potholed roads, and so on.

At other times, I admire the inclusivity of the city, the live and let live culture, the job opportunities, the professionalism at work, the more greenery compared to other cities, the filter coffee, the juice stalls and bakeries in every lane, and so on.

I haven’t been successful in clicking the squirrel in my balcony, its too fast but it looks just like this (P.C: Shabby Garden)

Once again, I look out of the window only to find the squirrel that keeps visiting my balcony every now and then.

And, my thoughts about the city disappear.

The squirrel reminds me of the flock of parrots that pass by sometimes, the chestnut tailed gorgeous jet black bird that fascinates me, the melodious cuckoo calling out, the sweet chirping tiny sparrow-like birds, the raven that perches majestically over the ledge, and then I find myself saying – I’ve gotten too used to this place, do I really want to go?

Chill, it’s just a seven year itch, says my sister.

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54 thoughts on “Namma Bengaluru – Too Used to You!”

  1. You are right about filter coffee, juice shops and pubs Which are ubiquitous in Bangalore. The environment in Bangalore for people interested in working is unique and not available anywhere else. While you hate this weather, people everywhere envy the weather in Bangalore. Something you mentioned too. Yes, cities like Bangalore become dull because of monotonous routine. Find something new or explore some place around Bangalore.

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    1. Workplace culture indeed is the best in Bangalore, absolutely no doubt about it. Lot of activities and workshops keep happening in Bangalore and one can always find something that interests you. However, only if they are happening close to where you stay. Even if the distance is 10 Km, you wouldn’t feel like travelling due to traffic. Especially if it’s weekends, you’d rather stay at home. Surely you have got a taste of that, Arvind, during your visits here 😀

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      1. I always look forward to visiting Bangalore. Benne Dosa and filter coffee are synonymous with this city. I love visiting that old world Bangalore eating joints. You can find them in the old city areas. I can understand that pain of travel which you mentioned. Who wants “3-hour ache” for one hour gain? Sometimes, maybe! but not often! I guess you also stay in the old part of Bangalore! BTW, are you on FB/ Twitter?


        1. Old Bangalore is grand! I just so love those areas. I am somewhere in between but closer to old Bangalore than the newer areas. BTW, I have no idea about Benne Dosa, need to find out. I am both on FB and Twitter , but FB I visit very rarely and something’s wrong with my Twitter account. Need to fix Twitter.


          1. I do remember you mentioned the area but I forgot. Benne Dosa is the one which is made with love. 😜 In Indian context, it means liberal use of Ghee! It’s fine if you are not using any of those social media channels. 😃


  2. I think you have live in a wonderful place. No matter where we go will always find that ‘one’ thing that, that will make us sick and tired of it. Even if you were to find that ideal peaceful place and fall in love with it at first, Im sure, eventually you will miss the crowd, traffic jams and all. The priciple of too much of everything. I just made that hehe. 🙂

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    1. You are right, Ankit. It would be utopian to have everything one wishes for in one place. As for missing the city chaos of crowds and traffic jams, yes it does happen. Thank you reading. I love seeing your comments 🙂

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    1. No doubt its a nice city. That’s why people who come here don’t want to leave. But I’ve been here pretty long and now its feels a little monotonous. It’ll be wonderful to meet sometime. I stay in South Bangalore. What about you?


      1. Trust me, the sea becomes a bore… Days pass without even looking at it once although my office is right by the sea. And the weather, oh! But you are right about the traffic. The local train in Mumbai is a saviour, and in my current (ongoing) visit to Bengaluru, I really miss that. The metro is great where it is, but the connectivity needs to expand vastly. Love the weather though!


        1. At least you have the option to sit by the sea 🙂
          Weather is great here of course, though sometimes even that gets monotonous. Metro in Bangalore is still not connected to most of the places. Anyway, the bottomline is, like every other city it’s a mix of good and bad 🙂

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    1. Hello Soundarya, thank you for reading this and leaving behind a comment 🙂
      I hope your North India visit happens soon. I am from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya in the North-East India. There are some stories from there in my blog, if it interests you.

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  3. Beautifully written, I am yet to explore South India, it’s been on my list for a very long time already. One of my good friends moved to Bengaluru earlier this year, I think now I have another reason to visit.

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    1. South India has a lot to offer, one visit isn’t enough 😊
      And, Bangalore will give you a lot of options. Do visit soon. Thank you for visiting and reading my post😊


  4. Namma Bengaluru has been nice to me. Been coming since 1996. The city has changed , but old spots like Lalbagh and Basavanagudi retain their old charm. I go there once in 6 months ( i.e. some event or work drags me willy nilly there).
    Sometimes I think if I had the resources, I would dump everything and move to the outskirts of Bangalore. Those are the gems that really capture the mind .

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    1. That’s a pretty long time. Surely you have seen the city change. I often wonder how I would feel if I was a native Bangalorean to see my city undergo this transformation and not in good way.
      The outskirts are gems indeed.
      Thank you for reading and leaving behind your thoughts.

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      1. Yes,there have been changes over the years, but I remember MG Road waterlogged and broken even 20 years back 🙂
        Never been awed by the malls and pubs, though (hotspots 20 yrs back). I love the greenery, the weather and the decency of the people. Been educated in Mangalore meant passing through the city multiple number of times.
        The airport is no doubt one of the best in the country (as was Majestic railway station when I last saw it at least 17 years back)
        Bangalore also has a flourishing blogging scene, which, sitting here in Ranchi, I envy 🙂
        Keep writing.

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        1. MG Road was broken back then! It’s quite good now compared to other places in Bangalore.
          The weather is definitely its USP and yes people are nice 🙂
          I sure need to explore the blogging scene more.

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          1. I think it was the monsoons, otherwise MG Road was hip even back then.
            Never been to one of the(famed) pubs. But seen pretty much the gardens like Cubbon, lalbagh etc.
            Visit the Art of Living centre sometime. you might like it.


  5. “In a scornful mood, I despise the traffic jams, the consistently depressive cloudy weather, the mall hopping culture, the expensiveness of everything, the crowded streets, the potholed roads, and so on.”. I think unfortunately I mostly end up in that scornful mood during my visits!

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  6. Bengaluru is the best city in South India. It is still livable city though some of its earlier charm gone due to rapid development. It is a good thing that a North East Indian like a city in South India. I enjoyed your experience in namma Bengaluru.

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    1. As long as there is water, bengaluru will be great as long as we make peace with the traffic. After the water gets over, as been predicted, we will see what happens 🙂
      However, there are several things good about this city, no wonder I most people who come here don’t go back.

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