My Blogging High Point

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019 is now Live and voting has begun!

A few days back I had written a post about my utter delight on being nominated in the Travel Blog category for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019 (ABBA). The is the fifth year of this event and it is  happening in London on the 15th of June this year.

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Nominee Best Travel Blog (edited-Pixlr)Recently, I got to know that there are nine blogs competing in the Travel Category and my blog has made to that list. Obviously, I am super thrilled! Being nominated itself is HUGE for me. I had no idea about the existence of such an award and got to know about it only when I was nominated. Moreover, ABBA is open to bloggers across the globe and I know my blog is nothing out of the ordinary. Needless to say all of these are ego boosters making me feel really good. Though I do want to cut off ego from my life but that’s a different story altogether.

I express my gratitude and sincere thanks once again to whoever nominated me. Also, a sincere thank you to Sacha Black, who is the creator of this award and from whom I received an email of being nominated – almost thinking it’s an attempt on phishing. Not to forget the committee members who are working behind the scenes and helping to host the event.

The award is based on voting. Hence, I am writing this post in the hope of garnering a few votes. However, irrespective of whether I get any votes or not, I am on cloud nine already.

There are several categories for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019:

  • Best Blogging / Writing Blog
  • Best Entertainment Blog
  • Best Food Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Personal Development Blog
  • Best Photography Blog
  • Best Travel Blog
  • Best Book Review Blog
Steps to Vote 

[If you wish to, no pressure. Voting is open till April, 2019]

  1. Click The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019 Vote is Live!
  2. Scroll down to the Best Travel Blog category
  3. Select ‘Seasons of Life’
  4. Click Vote
Important Note

Feel free to vote for others on other categories as well. Or, vote for someone else in the Travel category. In each category, you can vote only once.

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Traveling, Gardening, Trekking, Hiking, Storytelling, Writing, Nature, Outdoors, Yoga, DIY

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