Malicious Thoughts

art fingers foggy hand








Dark clouds spread across the sky

All romantic and gay, you’d think

Gloom and grey was all that was there

The mind strides into a world of its own

Spiraling thoughts jumble up from nowhere

Like wisps of curling strands of smoke

Rising from recesses deep within

Awakening from their silent slumbers

Creeping up, their wretched ugly heads

Thoughts that I struggle to leave behind

Wickedly they smile, mock my being

With renewed strength and new-found vigor

My strong self looks away, makes no eye contact

Their presence overpowers, grips me tight

I fall prey for the thousandth time

To their malicious intents and roughish ways

Alas, the dark clouds that filled the sky!

Author: neelstoria

Traveling, Gardening, Trekking, Hiking, Storytelling, Writing, Nature, Outdoors, Yoga, DIY

9 thoughts on “Malicious Thoughts”

  1. Dark, though intense! It comes from quite a powerful imagination. In my little experience, the light seeping through the cracks ultimately shows the path even through the gloomiest and seemingly unendurable shadows. Time alone heals, time alone points the way…

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  2. This is a powerful imagery you have painted with your words, Neel!
    Granted that it’s dark but by no means should it remain hidden underneath other posts of yours! 🙂 Also, I can’t help but repeat myself, pen more poems 😀

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