Rambling Mind & Office Meetings

There are these office meetings where you have nothing much to do, many of you would surely know what I am talking about. You suppress your yawns that invariably appear as your eyes water, you fidget with your pen/pencil, or doddle away on a paper pretending that it’s your way of concentrating.

And, if you have ever been part of such meetings virtually, you know how that feels like. It only gets worse. Though you may argue that it is perhaps better as nobody’s watching and you are free to yawn or do whatever you wish. But remember, you are in isolation, limited by your laptop screen. Boredom strikes, your mind wanders, and if your name is suddenly called out when you aren’t paying attention, well then……embarrassing it is…

Now, if you happen to be in India working with a global team, it’s as torturous as it can be as most of these meetings will happen late in the evenings. A good lullaby to your half-asleep self.

Last week, during one such boring office meeting, I opened a Word doc and started scribbling. I didn’t pay much attention to what I was writing as half my mind was listening to the meeting conversations. I read what I had written later and it was yet another dark poem. Not again – I told myself. Why does this happen? I am not particularly unhappy or depressed. Rather, I’d like to believe that I am a very positive person. Sometimes, my enthusiasm about certain things in life drives my family and friends up the wall. Hence, strange that these poems become dark.

Here’s what I had written:

Rambling Mind

Into the never-ending dark abyss

The mind twists and turns

Worries and doubts and uncertainties abound

I had shut the gates, didn’t I?

Creepy creatures that they are

Ugly monsters that dwell in the dark

The mind, restless and edgy

One tiny slim ray of light, powerful and strong

Shimmers, gleams, and pierces through

They melt and dissolve, those creatures of the dark

The light was here, right here, just yesterday

I had seen it, didn’t I?

Vanished today, out of sight

The bright and powerful light, could it still be here?

Stuck with the nasty and the noxious

The mind that sometimes refuses to try!

Author: neelstoria

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29 thoughts on “Rambling Mind & Office Meetings”

  1. Actually I find it interesting you can write a poem, any poem, under such circumstances. To an untutored mind, it just suggests you would rather be working elsewhere or at least doing something else with your life at the moment.

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  2. Very interesting indeed, Neelanjana! The way it looks to me, your subconscious seems to be telling you that it wants to escape some unsavoury thoughts that you have suppressed deep down. On the brighter side it is optimistic since it sees the route out, but it seeks your willpower to take that step… (well, it’s my conjecture!) 🙂

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    1. Narendra, this exactly what a friend told me when I shared the poem with her. She suspected something seriously amiss and probed me to no end 😀
      I like the brighter side of this you mention and I have to take this to her 😛
      I just have to say Thank you to you for reading these foolish poems, given the classy ones you write 🙂

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      1. It’s so nice that you have a friend who worries about you. God bless your friendship. 🙂

        While I am honoured that you consider my poems of such worth, I strongly feel that you grossly underestimate your talent. Those words, though might not be factual, are powerful and meaningful. I reiterate that you make a serious effort to explore this side. I tell you it’ll be pure gold – serious, dark, but gold!

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        1. Thank you so much. I feel humbled and I really mean it. I hope your encouragement will inspire me to write more, not during meetings but at other times and maybe when the mind is peaceful and happier 🙂

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          1. Encouraging expression of a friend’s talent is always a pleasure. 🙂🙏🏻
            And when it does fructify it brings such delight. So I look forward to reading your verse in this genre; of course, when your soul feels the desire to unfurl its wings – compositions can’t can’t be imposed – and yes, definitely not during those brain draining meetings! 😄

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  3. Two for one, and you know you’re not the only one. Sometimes we have more meetings than actual work, I have three internal meetings today and I can relate. 🙂
    And your meeting was productive, you have something.

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    1. Oh Ankit, can’t agree anymore with you! That scenario is so very common at work. I hope the three meetings today left you with some time to work also. Thanks for taking time to read this. Hope to see you around more 🙂

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  4. I fully agree with your views about office meetings. Never ever any constructive out put will come out of such meetings. I appreciate that you used that time to create a lovely poem.

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  5. The poem is nice but yes, dark. However you do excel in such type of poems, you realise that, I think. Maybe deep inside there are insecurities..Many of us do, I have too. But you have this power of letting off the steam through writing poems (some write, some draw, some do crafts, some sing, some play an instrument, or some just take a long relaxing walk). Back to you, this creative power you have, use it well, in a positive way. Your writing poems is helping you. But maybe you would do better not to dwell too much in them afterwards – just save the doc or turn the page and forget it. If you want to publish it or submit it to some publication later, you can always go back. But limit you post-writing interaction, it might help. Hi along with your positive self. 😊😊👍👍

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  6. Yes, I also believe it’s got to do with some underlying insecurities which I don’t realize otherwise or maybe too proud to admit. I don’t dwell on these poems at all. I write, I forget.
    I would like to write something nice and positive and beautiful and romantic. But that hasn’t happened yet. I cannot relate myself with these kind of dark poems, which is ironic though. 😀
    Thank you for reading and commenting. When people like you appreciate, I feel maybe I should post all the other such poems too that are right now just residing in a folder in my computer 😀


  7. Quite a while since I have been away from the blogging world and I realise I have a lot to catch up with!
    This is indeed a beautiful poem! Dark, but beautiful 🙂
    Where can I read more poems from you?

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    1. So good to see you! Hope you’ve been well given the current situation. And, I am so sorry for the delayed response. Been away for a while. I keep my poems hidden in the closet due to their gloominess. Want to write a happy and bright poem but it just doesn’t happen. 😀

      Here’s two more that I had posted here:

      By the way, hope you plan to write something soon. Haven’t seen anything new from you for a long time now.

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      1. Yes, it feels good to be back too!
        Just read the poems and wow! wasn’t I blown away! You should come out with these poems more often 🙂
        I am doing good and hope the same for you. I have been working on another post for quite a while now, it should be published soon 🙂

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