And Three Years It is…


WordPress says I complete three years of blogging. So, I’ve been writing for three long years. Not bad at all. Feels pretty good, I must say! A quick scan and I have written 109 posts so far, boiling down to an average of three posts per month.

My consistency does not surprise me though, being more or less consistent in pretty much everything I do. Routinely, disciplined, persistence are words that resonate with me, earning me nicknames of “Timetable” and “Clock” in the family. Personality aspects that don’t always go well with the family. Things that become even more pronounced when I incorporate an additional something into my daily life, especially related to exercise or meditation. And, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? My family doesn’t always agree. They feel I drive them up the wall.


Back to blogiversary – if I rewind three years, then I’m at a place where I never ever thought I would write. In fact, I didn’t even know I could write. It all started with my first trek to the Himalayas. Writing and blogging in turn changed how I travel. It made me observant. I am more mindful and present when I travel now. I take notes so that I remember the minute details of the things I experience. Traveling is not something new for me. I have traveled right from my childhood days and have always enjoyed doing so but how I experience travel now has undergone a sea change.

This blog would not have happened had it not been for that friend who recommended I write down all the stories I kept narrating to her. “With time, you will forget much of it”, she had said. I have mentioned this in several posts, but I just feel like saying this again and again. Keeping my consistent nature aside, this blog has managed to survive only because of all the motivation I keep receiving from family and friends, not to forget all my connects here in WordPress.

My sincerest gratitude to all of you.

Some of you have gone a step ahead and pointed out that I should change my Theme and make the blog more reader-friendly. I truly appreciate your candidness and feel embarrassed about not acting upon it. My mind-block with anything technical is the reason behind my procrastination. Well, I will get to it – very soon.

In conclusion, blogging has given me a window to the world of writing, something I didn’t know I had a passion for. More importantly, it has connected me to some of the most wonderful people across the world – All of you out there!

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32 thoughts on “And Three Years It is…”

  1. Congratulations. I can share and feel your experiences with mine as it looks like we started blogging at the same time. I enjoy your writings. And one of the reasons it is “readers friendly.” So if you are procrastinating, just drop the idea. It is great, the way it is. On another note, I feel words are just bricks to construct a story. Ideas, experiences, feelings, emotions, compassion, and non-mindset views are the reasons that create the urge to write. You have all of them plus the words in your creations.

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    1. It’s nice to know that we are peers in WordPress having ventured into this world around the same time. Thank you, Promodji, for all the appreciation you have always shown for my posts. Really motivates me and urges me to keep continuing. 🙂

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  2. Keep up the good work. You, along with a couple others, have greatly increased my knowledge and appreciation for India. On the chance you weren’t aware, I have learned that by editing the publish date I can make sure my posts come out on a regular schedule [every Friday in my case] even when it is inconvenient to write for a while. If you are not doing so already, it might work as well for you.
    Your friend is correct, we do tend to forget. An elderly professor once said to his students, “the palest ink is stronger than the best memory.” Recently I have been relying on photos and very skimpy journal notes to write about past events. Just putting them together has been fun.

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    1. I know about the functionality in WordPress. Think I had used it just once – when i had to make a post on year-end memories and I was travelling. It is a very useful feature. I am glad to know that my posts have enabled you to get a glimpse of India. I have also been thinking of writing about past travel memoirs but I hardly remember much. Will have to resort to photographs like you are doing. I have no notes though.
      Thank you for your appreciation and motivation, always. 🙂

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  3. Congratulations Neel on completing 3 years on WordPress. Wishing you many more years. Writing gives us wing and it is as effective as watching a video of ours or recollecting the memories from photographs. It makes your experience alive. Keep writing! I like to read your wonderful experiences.

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    1. Thank you so much! Writing keeps memories intact in a much more effective way than do photographs. But often, even writing cannot capture the true essence of the experiences we have. Sometimes words are not enough. 🙂


  4. Congratulations are in order, Neelanjana! I am so glad that you took to writing – I have been trekking virtually along with you through the Himalayan range, savouring the delightful titbits that you sprinkled in each post; got to learn so much about your beautiful State; and last but not the least met a warm and kind-hearted soul! Here is to many more travels and an ever increasing compendium of adventures. Cheers!

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    1. Narendra, thank you so much for those beautifully motivating words of praise. Coming from someone like you makes me float in the 9th cloud. I feel humbled that a writer like you, has enjoyed my posts. Thank you, again.

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      1. Thank you, Neelanjana; you are very generous with your compliments. It is my pleasure to have discovered your blog and am thankful that I could get to begin to know you beyond the blogosphere. 🙂

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  5. Congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary Neel! You know what? You make us proud & we appreciate you being so disciplined, sometimes nagging & always consistent in your approach towards stuff you handle in life! I wish I could be 10% of you.. my life would have been much better!Love your blogging… you are having inborn quality of being very simple, yet specific & flawless in your writings! There’s honesty & simplicity in what you pen down, which isn’t artificial & comes straight from your heart! All the best!

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    1. Thank you, BIL for visiting and leaving behind this lovely comment. I know I have driven you up the wall too several times with my idiosyncrasies. Thank you for taking time to read some of my posts.


  6. Congrats for completing three years. You are one of the bloggers who inspired me to start my blog. All your stories are interesting and your presentation is simply superb. Keep it up.

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  7. Congrats, Neel. I’m glad you decided to start a blog and write. A reason for us to connect & interact in this virtual world. The reason for all of us to blog varies. For some, it is an emotional outlet. For others like you, a digital diary. Some write to help others with piece of information they possess. There can be many more reasons; it really doesn’t matter. Keep writing and sharing wonderful stories and thoughts, Neel.
    When you write being disciplined and meticulous is a positive characteristic that doesn’t go well with family members, I can only add it depends on personality types. What is routine for one may be construed as being “sticky” and “inflexible”. So it is perspective. This comes from experience since I can’t write in detail, after all this is just a comment. All I can say, keep doing what brings happiness to you. As long as it does not undermine someone’s interest and it’s not an illegal or immoral act, keep at it. We all are different, everything is relative! Congrats, once again, Neel.

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    1. Thank you, Arvind. The unexpected perks of blogging – connecting with people like you 🙂
      I understand what you mean by perspectives and I totally agree with you. This is true for most things in life. Writing can be therapeutic and blogging gives that outlet to those of us who enjoy sharing it with others.

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