The Much-Needed Nature Therapy

Nature’s such that you can visit the same place a hundred times but each time it looks new and completely different. The best part of being in Shillong has always been the impromptu drives I undertake, either with my cousin or with my brother-in-law. I have written several such posts in the past on the various places we have explored.

My being home this time is, however, not the same as other times. My life has been turned upside down in the last one month and I am not sure if those carefree days of being home will ever be back. My personal circumstances coupled with the pandemic makes for a very tumultuous situation this time.

Pic 1: The characteristic clear blue Shillong sky. Potatoes, cabbage, and cauliflower cultivation seen here.

This Sunday we woke up to a gloriously bright and sunny morning. The surprising part was it remained that way for the rest of the day. The light breeze that complimented the bright weather made for a heavenly day. And, if you know Shillong, you can tell that such days aren’t in plenty.

My cousin wouldn’t let such a day go wasted, especially with me being around. Like most people, she loves to drive around the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Getting away isn’t an elaborate affair in a place like Shillong. A 15-20 minutes’ drive is often enough to escape to tranquility, away from city traffic. Shillong has been under very strict pandemic protocols. As a result, cousin wasn’t able to indulge in such drives for quite a while.  

Pic 2: A romantic afternoon of soft Sun, Pine trees, wisps of floating clouds, rolling hills, and green meadows.

My initial reluctance stood no match to her insistence and I just had to give in to her coaxing and cajoling. Glad I relented.

So, late afternoon, well after lunch we drove towards Upper Shillong to one of our favourite spots. We’ve been there multiple times and really enjoy the drive all the way up. Especially that section constituting narrow and winding well tarred roads with forests and meadows on either side. The huge ferns that sporadically hang out right onto the roads is something else that allures us. We are never tired of seeing these ferns, so what if we have seen them hundreds of times.

Pic 3: The fluffy clouds continuously changed shape forming amazing patterns.
Pic 4: The day was so clear that we could see Umiam Lake, which is located in the Guwahati-Shillong National Highway. Do you spot the lake in the picture?

I had been here last year in the month of May and had enjoyed an amazingly resplendent sunset. The sunset this time was good too but not as gorgeous as it was in May. This time, however, there were myraids of flowers in pinks and yellows and whites and purples. These weren’t there last time.

We were quite surprised to find more people than we had expected. Sunday afternoon must be the reason. However, the place didn’t feel crowded and maintaining social distance was easy.

Pic 5: The sky just before sunset.
Pic 6: The sky at sunset.

Basking in Shillong’s unparalleled beauty, we found a place for ourselves in the green meadows where we lay down in solitude watching the bright afternoon slowly and steadily dissolve away.

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16 thoughts on “The Much-Needed Nature Therapy”

  1. Nature is exactly what you need in the current situation, Neel. It has an immense power to heal, rejuvenate, and change. Since you are a nature lover, I’m sure this needs no explanation.

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  2. Indeed we all need this ” nature therapy”, much more needed in this pandamic! Unwinding oneself in the midst of nature is the ultimate therapy for the body & mind, which have now, long been in captivity, thanks to SOPs for Covid 19! Looking forward to a session in the season in the Sun with u all, soon!

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  3. Those rolling cabbage fields on the way to upper Shillong is one of the things I remember particularly, even after so many years. And those wildflowers. Our driver had plucked some sweet sour berries out of a wild bush near Shillong peak, that’s another thing I remember as if it was just yesterday.

    But yes, I don’t remember that kind of weather even for a moment in our short stay, there was a rolling blanket of fog all around. Hope the mist and clouds lift, and the sun shines 🙂

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    1. Those are some wonderful memories, Deb. Especially after all these years. And, it’s nice that some things have remained the same. Though the peak looks very different now and they’ve built concrete structures in the name of tourism. This is somewhere just before the peak.
      If you haven’t experienced the blue skies of Shillong, then you’ve truly missed out on something. Hope you get to see it next time you’re here. BTW, we once again woke up to heavy rains today 🙂

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      1. Oh! Thats because the rain gods have moved from Bangalore, here it’s shining. But there’s a good side to rain in cold places, bring on those fat quilts and tuck in with a steaming mug of whatever suits you ☺️ there cannot be a better way to work from home 💖
        Something I so miss so much in Bangalore, here a thin cover suffices.

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        1. Heard about the rains in Bangalore. But the rain here is incessant unlike Bangalore as you already know. Once it starts pouring, it does so relentlessly.
          And, those fat cotton quilts are irresistible but working out of those will be quite a task though 😀

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  4. Nature always come to our rescue when we are keeping low profile. It certainly rejuvenate us and boost our energy. Nature at its best in Shillong and certainly will help you to come out of the present situation soon.

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  5. If the pictures are so beautiful, I can only imagine what a wonderful and pleasant day this must have been in person! Whatever little I know of Shillong, most of it has been through your eyes and words. And given the lovely perspective you give to things, I am glad it is so! 🙂
    I am so glad that yoo gave in and went out to experience the tranquility of Nature. Take care 🙂

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    1. I hope some day you do visit Shillong and see everything first hand. Though it has become very touristy in the past 4-5 years but there are still many spots which haven’t been taken over yet. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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