Midnight Drama

Awakened from deep sleep, I lay on bed for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what the commotion was all about. The rest of the family was already up, and their buzzing voices came floating into my room. Everyone seemed to be talking together and I could not make out a word. Stumbling out of bed with half open eyes, I stepped out. The noise was coming from my parents’ room, where everyone seemed to have gathered. Had mom fallen ill? The thought was immediately put to rest as I saw everyone perched on her bed, looking out of the window that is situated just adjacent to the bed. The window curtains were drawn open.

I looked at the watch and was surprised to see it was just 12.30 AM. Oh! Not all that late. On second thoughts, it is quite late for Shillong. The sun sets earlier in the hills and consequently the evenings are longer, unlike Bangalore.

“What’s going on?”, I asked. No response. People were engrossed peering out of the window. I joined them. All the drama was happening in our neighbouring house. Several people had collected in their open garage that had three cars parked. As the scene unfolded before my sleepy eyes, I was finally able to make sense of the confusion.

A petty thief had broken into their compound, smashed the window of a van, and had tried getting his hands onto the car stereo. The thief had also filled a sack with things like toffees, chips, and biscuits. Those were things stacked in the car to be taken to the grocery shop owned by one of the tenants living in that house.

The thief wasn’t smart enough and was nabbed by the people in the neighbourhood, while he tried to flee. We could clearly see the thief through the window. He was petite and frail. His demeanor quite effectively drew our collective sympathies towards him. A lot of people from the neighbourhood had collected around the thief, who in turn was held tight by two other people. We wished they would let him go with a warning. Our neighbours, however, called the police and the thief was handcuffed away in a matter of time.

The commotion died down and we went back to bed. My sleep had disappeared by now and I continued to feel sorry for the thief. My thoughts drifted towards my home in Bangalore. There I live in a flat in an apartment, which is very different from my parents’ home in Shillong. They live in an independent house surrounded by other independent houses in the neighbourhood. There are striking differences between the two set ups. The petty thief drama is a case in point. A petty thief may never be able to break into an apartment with all the security paraphernalia – security guards, CCTV cameras etc. Robberies or other complicated crimes do happen but not petty thefts. At least, I haven’t heard of any.

My thoughts took off into comparing life in big cities with that of small towns. What one has, the other lacks and vice versa. I dozed off speculating the hits and misses while trying to decide which one is more preferable than the other. I think I know my preference though.

Author: neelstoria

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14 thoughts on “Midnight Drama”

  1. With my upbringing of a small place, I could never belong to the cities I have stayed in. Cities and me has been a pukka marriage of convenience.

    BTW, those night lights, is that Shillong 🙂?

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    1. Same here Deb, as you can tell most certainly. And, no place like my home. The only question whether Shillong loves me as much I love her, whether she wants me here as much as I want 🙂

      Yes, that picture is shot in Shillong. But, it isn’t mine. Borrowed from my brother-in-law. Didn’t give him the due credit, I know 😀

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      1. I know 🙂 and maybe you wouldn’t be so much in love with someone who hasn’t loved you back in some ways if not in many – so I believe she does 🙂
        That photo is beautiful, very beautiful, night photos are not easy to get right.

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  2. Hmmm, much needed drama to break the monotony of life may be? Yes, with Covid 19, cases of theft are on the rise, may be out of compuslion to survive! But I don’t subscribe to your thought of not informing the police about it! That would have encouraged him to commit more crime, IMO!

    ( Not at all disappointed for photo, I am rather honoured to be of some use to the now famous blogger 😃❤️)

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  3. Very interesting midnight drama. This kind of thefts used to happen small villages. The theft item may not have any much value, still the whole village folks come together and make it as big event.

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