“The word, Privilege, has to be the most over-used word of 2020,” a friend remarked the other day. And I quite agreed with her. We were in the middle of a routine ranting session. Such grief outpouring sessions happen once in a while when we feel all the wrong in the world is happening to us. Almost always such sessions find no merit and either of us is quick to point out how grateful we ought to be for all the privileges we enjoy.

‘Privilege’ may have been an over-used word in 2020 but it is not for nothing. In many ways the pandemic has opened our eyes and almost everything that life has given to the likes of us feels like a privilege.

This thought was further emphasized when another friend shared his blog post with me. An avid traveller and trekker, who happens to be a scientist too writes about certain lessons he learnt this year. The one that struck me most was – Travel is a Privilege. It wasn’t something new to me. I have always been cognizant about this fact and never shied away from thinking or talking about how fortunate I have been. However, I think I hadn’t internalized it enough. As I read this point in his post, it felt like someone was showing me the mirror. (Here’s his post: 2020 – A year without Travels)

Again, a fellow blogger sent me an email the other day where he spelt out that he felt rather embarrassed to state that everything was going good in his life. His thought did make me ponder. Given the current circumstances, we almost feel apologetic if everything is working fine in our lives. We have never felt this way at any other time. I sincerely hope we never ever take anything for granted again in our lives.

I am reminded of a manager that I used to report to two years back in my ex-office. He would always keep reiterating that the benefits we receive from office are privileges given to us, we should never think of those as our entitlements. He would mean that we should respect certain things given to us, like flexible timing, birthday time off, and so on. I always appreciated his way of keeping us grounded and this thought is something I will always carry with me.

Being alive is a privilege by itself. Living well and being who you are, doing what you wish, in sound physical and mental health – if this is not privilege, then what is! Is there even room to complain?

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Ritika. She hasn’t blogged in a while though but her writing is worth a read copyandcoffee.

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18 thoughts on “Privileged”

  1. I came to resent the use of the word privilege in the US in the last couple years because so often those using it were claiming to be “victims” of that privilege, and I sincerely believe one is only a victim if one chooses to be. But having said that, you are so right. Perhaps one says privileged, perhaps one says blessed, we have so much to be thankful for. [Including have been taught that phrase uses bad grammar.] 😊 Just imagine, here I am on the other side of the world reading your post and that of your friends!

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    1. That’s a whole new perspective on the word. Never occurred to me that way. Blessed, fortunate, lucky whatever we would like to call it. My friends will be elated to know that you have visited their posts too and I will sure let them know that.
      Hope your knee is doing fine now.

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  2. It takes a big heart to say this, having come through a very difficult year. And I completely agree with you on this. While every philosophy and religion teaches the virtues of a humble life and being thankful, many forget that in practice.

    BTW, the featured pic. I would consider anyone having access to such a location as being privileged 🙂

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    1. We always take most of the things for granted, Deb. The realisation comes only when we come face-to-face with the absence of what we are used to having. It’s really been a very difficult year for me, thank you for acknowledging that. However, everything that has happened came with it’s own silver lining and I can just be thankful.

      That picture is in a village in Meghalaya. That’s absolute a privilege 😀
      Here are two links in connection with that place:

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      1. True that, all that happens is just the flow of life, and our best interest is in following the course and being happily receptive.
        And you recounting of adventures in Meghalaya deserves a book if not a documentary👏. But then these unknown gems would be exposed to the mad rush of visitors and would be spoilt forever, better they remain hidden 😀

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  3. I think somethings are evident from your post. we live in a world where everything is relative. What seems like a right might actually be a privilege, as explained by your manager. Also, while we complain about what we miss and don’t have, we don’t take stock of our situation without bias. We take a lot of things for granted. I guess trekking even in my city a couple of months ago (during lockdown) would have been a privilege. Hope you are doing well

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    1. I so agree with you. And, thankyou for pointing out that things can be relative. We do take almost everything for granted, even things like clean air and water. Like I just mentioned in the previous comment, it’s only when we don’t have what we are used to that we know the value of it. I would definitely call all kinds of outings that we’ve had during the pandemic as privileges.
      Am doing fine, Arvind. Thank you for asking. 🙂

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  4. The year 2020 taught us all a new meaning to the world ‘privilege’. Now even visiting to a neighborhood park become a privilege to us. I hope at least now, humanity understand the value of life and not take anything for granted.

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  5. thank you, for the sweetest, yet an undeserving surprise at the end. You have as always beautifully captured the essence of our conversation and of course of that word. Let’s know ours and act one them, should be the goal i suppose. The ‘P’ word needs to be celebrated the way you have. and writing is a privilege, and shall not be belittled.

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