A Kick in the Teeth

The pandemic has spared me so far, none of my family members or close friends and relatives have been affected. The virus did catch a few acquaintances, but they got away with hardly any troubles. My sincerest gratitude to the Almighty. By saying this I absolutely don’t mean to negate the unfathomable hardships many people are facing in various parts of the country (world).  And of course, I could be next in line.

I have stopped following the news and reading stories of death and devastation. This was after the two fateful nights when I couldn’t sleep a wink, having watched some visuals displayed on a television news channel. Added to that were some articles and stories that I had consumed from the Internet. A little deliberation and I realized these aren’t things in my control. I can do nothing by thinking about the sufferings people are going through. Either I go out in the field and make a difference by doing something meaningful or I better shut my mind off. I’ll cross the bridge if and when I need to. Selfish? Yes, but my wellness and sanity are my responsibility.

Right now, I am already fighting my very own battle. Though I am fully cognizant of the fact that in the current scheme of things what I’m going through cannot be categorized as a problem at all. But then, every single waking moment I am aware of it. It’s bothering me constantly and I am struggling.

This goes back to the month of March when I fell sick and had two blackouts resulting in a broken front tooth.

The dentist I was visiting had a very fancy clinic and several degrees under his belt. I did feel unnerved by his extraordinarily fancy clinic when I first visited him. It was my intuition at work, which I had failed to recognize. Afterall, he was recommended by another doctor who was a friend’s friend. His fee was exorbitant. My mind felt repulsed. Once again, I ignored the warning signs and instead told my mind to shut up – quality comes at a cost I concluded.

Now, I am at the receiving end of a treatment that’s gone horribly wrong. The dentist screwed up my teeth so much that the entire alignment of my jaws is messed up. The damage is permanent as he resized my original tooth and made them smaller in order to fit a crown over them. Not just that, I had broken one tooth, but he convinced me that the procedure is required on two of my front teeth. Now I am dealing with multiple problems – unable to chew my food, certain words just slip out of my mouth, and many other associated problems.

These teeth are cosmetic, not functional – he stated callously after completing the procedure and taking all the money. Something he ought to have explained before the procedure, which would have enabled me to take an informed decision. When I countered him, he was uninterested and gave illogical justifications.  This is one of those times when I feel that I have S-T-U-P-I-D written all over my face and people just easily take me for a ride. An online consultation with another dentist confirmed my fear of the wrong treatment and a permanent damage done. Now, I have no idea if the situation can be salvaged so that the feeling of discomfort eases a bit. That can happen only when another dentist examines it, which would not be possible until the current Covid scenario improves.  

My teeth problem is nothing compared to the Covid Problem. But I am unable to ignore it with the immense discomfort I am facing every single moment.

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37 thoughts on “A Kick in the Teeth”

  1. Oh oh. I remember your breaking your tooth Neel. I hope and pray that something can be done.

    I too had terrible experience with the new dentist I tried ☺️ He did more damage than help

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    1. When it comes to dentists, it’s really difficult to determine who is a good one. 😦
      I’ve also come across dentists with good review on Practo who goof up.
      Thank you for reading this ‘unhappy-post’.

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      1. Mine was excellent and tried and tested for decades but at Mumbai. Now that I can’t go to Mumbai just now I went to one at Pune ☺️

        God knows what He is doing 🙏

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  2. I feel so bad for you. It seems everyone has a story about a bad dentist, but yours is worst than most.
    After an unfortunate experience in Florida, we found a dentist we liked and went to for years. But the man he recommended for a difficult problem botched it, and the man who “repaired” it wasn’t much better, all at a huge cost.

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    1. Your comment had gone into spam, I saw it only today. My apologies for this. 😦
      I am so sorry to hear your unfortunate experience. I finally went to my original dentist, who has somewhat fixed it, only cosmetically though.


    1. Tooth ache is the horrible-est pain on this earth!
      I am not exactly in pain though. There’s sensitivity in my teeth and the alignment of my jaws is in a mess 😦
      Thanks for taking time to read this.


  3. Dental pain and problems are one of the worst kind that one can have. Sorry to hear about the agony you are going through, Neel. I’m sure an able dental surgeon can help you to some extent, if not fully once things are a little better. Take care. By the way, sometimes we all make mistakes and ignore the visible signs because humans assume things. So it is unfair to say that you have been stupid. Someday, all of are guilty of being stupid. Wishing for a speedy recovery.

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    1. After my rendezvous with the two dentists through this episode of sickness, my faith on dentists is wavering. Having said that, I can only hope that someone can fix it to the extent that I feel better. Frustrations brings about all kinds of self doubt and self pity. Thanks for your good wishes, Arvind.


      1. I can understand. I have been extremely lucky to have met many good dentists, not just professionally but as individuals. I don’t have to doubt their suggestions. I do hope you find one as well, Neelanjana

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    1. I did write a review in Practo. Though I was hesitant but some friends insisted so that it can be useful to other people.
      Thank you for visiting my blog, Narayan, and reading this post, which has nothing but rantings.


      1. Pleasure Neel. It is because these rants our stress, anxiety gets taken care of subconsciously.

        Please be very aware and extra vigil from next time. This was unfortunate that it happened.

        My wishes and Regards
        Nara x

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  4. Its really terrible. I too had a bitter experience with few dentists. Yeah, finding a good dentist is a humongous task. Sometimes I feel that we are also responsible for this ordeal, as we tend to ignore little irritants and tend to go to dentist when things go out of control. I wish you to find a right one and get the things fixed up.

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    1. That’s true Ramasamy Sir. Finding a good dentist is really difficult and I learnt this through what I am going through. Just hoping someone can fix it. Again, finding one whom I can trust and who can fix this is already making me feel tired.


  5. This is so painful to know about the unprofessional attitude of the dentist… it sounds weird how he charged exorbitantly and instead of treatment, he gave a permanent damage… This is so sad to know. I hope once the COVID situation comes to little normal, this problem of yours get corrected soon… Take care..

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    1. I blame myself as well. Given that it was my front tooth, I should have taken a second opinion. There was no harm in waiting a little while and then getting it done. Finding another dentist who I can trust now is going to be another challenge.
      Thank you Ashish, for reading this post and for your well wishes.


  6. This is really 😢
    The reason why I find it difficult to trust dentists. And I have had a lot of bad runs with them, including that grinding of perfectly good tooth to fit a horrible crown that misaligns your jaw. The experience of lying helplessly while someone pumps an indefinite amount of tranquilizers into your mouth, and then runs mad with a drill machine through the tooth is too traumatizing for me now, and I have never tried to correct the misalignment. And on top of that they really lighten your purse.
    But wish you find better luck post this pandemic.

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    1. Oh, you have had the same experience! 😦
      Then you’ll be able to relate to my predicament.
      Finding a good Dentist can be one of the most dicey things on earth. And, now that the damage is done and cannot be rectified, its worse. I have lost all my faith by placing my trust in the wrong place.


  7. Sorry to hear what has happened. I wish I could fly you to New Zealand to my dentist. He is very nice and always shows me on the x-rays and computer what he is going to do. I will pray for you.

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