Reminiscing 2022

The Year That Was…

As I sit to write my year end blog post I can’t help but quote Charles Dickens – “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The latter seemingly more prominent in my case for the year 2022. It was an eventful year but mostly for the wrong reasons and my woes are far from over even though the year has ended. Year-end, of course, has nothing to do with the phases in life that happen at different intervals of time. Year-ends or beginnings are simply man-made concepts. When I was younger, I was naïve enough to think that year ends and beginnings are significant as they herald fresh and new changes in one’s life.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the year 2022, as it happened to me.

  1. It was a year of one crisis after the other in my personal life, healthwise, jobwise, familywise. None of those are meant for this space because down the line tough times will cease to exist and it’s the good that will be remembered.
  2. A significant incident of this year has been acquiring my Yoga Teacher Certification, accredited by AYUSH Ministry, Govt. of India. The strangest part is that it just happened. Being a Yoga teacher was nowhere in my remotest radar. My love for Yoga took off to another level with all the new knowledge and understanding I gained.
  3. I have embarked upon my journey of teaching Yoga with two of my sisters being my first students. With my limited experience, I find great peace in teaching Yoga, even more than doing Yoga. The reason, I’m certain, is because one needs to be 100% mindful while teaching, there is no other way. And, my Guinea Pigs gave given me very good feedback. They look forward to my yoga sessions.
  4. Staying in my Shillong home for more than 2 months was the sweetest aspect of this year. My cousins being there as well for the entire duration only added to the good times. Especially all the explorations we did in the monsoon of Meghalaya – most notably the waterfalls. I am yet to write about all them all.
  5. One of the most unique experiences of this year was our visit to Kamakhya Temple during Ambubachi Mela. Experiencing the festivities of Ambubachi Mela is not something I had ever imagined in my life. I will write in a detailed post about the Mela, which is a very important festival of the state of Assam.
  6. My maiden staycation experience happened this year too.
  7. The most cherished travel memory of 2022 is certainly our visit to Goa, where we travelled by train passing via Dudhsagar in the month of July during the peak of monsoon. I’m yet to write about this one too.
  8. Our trip to Udupi during the Independence Day weekend was a sudden plan that worked out incredibly well. Not only did we discover the quietude of the lesser known Mattu Beach but we also happened to visit the ancient Sharada Peetham – located in Sringeri, it is one of the four Shankaracharya Mutts, established by Adi Shankaracharya himself.
  9. The day outings I did in and around Bangalore definitely need a special mention, especially traveling on a local train and going to Bangarpet and hiking on Avathi Betta. I am yet to write about the latter.
  10. This was the first year in my more than a decade long Bangalore inhabitancy that I celebrated Durga Puja with a lot of fun and fervour.
  11. I joined a new job, something I was forced to do by circumstances and not out of choice. The company I worked at for the last one year was acquired and our jobs were at stake. Gratitude to Almighty for having found an alternative. Though am still struggling to settle down even after four months.
  12. Lastly and most importantly I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have taken a significant step towards progression on my spiritual quest. I will leave out the details but hope I do justice to the blessings I have received.

2022, ridden with all the difficulties, has been one of the toughest years of my life. My blog has taken a hit too as I couldn’t write much though I have a lot to write about. However, reading whatever I have just written makes me smile. Let’s see what 2023 has in store. As of this moment, I want to remain hopeful and keep the positivity in me up and running while expressing my gratitude to the Supreme Force that drives this universe.

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23 thoughts on “Reminiscing 2022”

  1. You have the right attitude. During our 53 years married to each other, we have had many ups and downs with most of the downs leading to a better “up.” The exception might have been most of the 90s which seemed awfully hard at the time [although we tried to stay positive], but that led to an entirely different lifestyle which we have been grateful for ever since. Wishing you all the best in our western New Year and forever after.

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    1. Thank you so much, Ray! I wish you and Alie the best of 2023. May health, happiness, and peace, be with you. May a lot of travels and road trips happen to both of you.

      53 Years! that’s more than half a century of togetherness. So glad that you had each other through the difficult times and also to enjoy the outcomes of those times. I couldn’t agree with you more that everything happens for a reason, which always turns out to be good and which gets revealed only down the line. The universe just tests our resilience and patience and provides the befitting rewards at the right time.


  2. Sounds like you had a busy and challenging year. Well done for becoming a yoga teacher. I am also on a spiritual journey which I trust in God for. As usual I wish I could forget most of the year that is about to end.

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    1. Thank you Roger! Just looked up your page and there’s a lot to explore over there. I will come back later and read more.

      I hope everything that bothered you in 2022 gets left behind and there’s a fresh and new hopeful start to 2023. My good wishes with you. May the Almighty provide you with a lot of reasons to make 2023 a memorable year.


      1. Thank you, yes my blog was meant to be just for poetry but everything has ended up on it. I will keep praying and trusting in the Lord. Happy New Year to you also. I hope you also have a good year.


  3. Your first paragraph says it all, Neel, and so succinctly. I am glad I could read all your posts and follow your journey through 2022. I am sorry, though, that I wasn’t aware of your travails on the work front. I do hope you will settle in well. My best wishes are always with you and I wish you a fruitful 2023. May you find spiritual solace and peace in your soul. ✨

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    1. Thank you Narendra. I wish a great 2023 to you with a lot of happiness and peace. May you continue your travels and add interesting memories and moments in the year that’s about to come. Your Instagram provided a glimpse of the precious travel moments you have had in the year that’s about to come to an end. Thank you once again for your good wishes.

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  4. A healthier year to you Neel. I imagine what you earned this year has more weight than any dreams can ever occupy. Opening of the spiritual world for a seeker is blessing, all other things shall fall in place.

    And yes, there is a lengthy list for you waiting to write. Don’t wait for long 🙂
    Blessings and Wishes !!

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    1. Wish you a fabulous 2023, may this year bring forth lots of good things for you.
      I’m so glad that you relate to me and understand the significance of spiritual blessings. Indeed it’s the most important thing that has happened this year. It’s all grace.


  5. Wishing you a new year filled with joy, more fulfilling endeavors, calming moments, and peace of mind! Sometimes we feel that the universe is conspiring against us — for me personally my annus horribilis was 2021 — but as we keep taking one step after another, look forward despite everything, eventually things will be sorted out.

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    1. Thank you, Bama. I wish all of these things reflect back in your life too. May 2023 also bring in a lot of travel and adventure for you. Yes, we just need to keep walking no matter what as nothing much is in our hands sometimes. And, deep down I know everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good, which only time will tell. We just need to trust the Universe.

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    1. Wish you a very happy new year too, Arvind. May 2023 bring in new and exciting things for you with lots of travels and adventure. Let health, happiness, and peace be with you throughout the year and beyond.

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  6. I am happy to see that you carry lot of positive things from the previous year. I hope you will remain healthy and make others also healthy as you are a yoga teacher now ! Your visit to Shillong and Kamakhya temple rekindled my memories. We really missed the beauty of Dudsagar water falls as we travelled to Goa from Delhi by Air. Looking forward more articles about enchanting trips of yours in the new year .


  7. Hi Neel – Happy belated New Year! What a great year in review that was. You had so many interesting experiences, and not only that, you’ve started on some really cool longer-term journeys like teaching yoga – that’s awesome!

    Here’s to 2023 being even more wonderful for you!


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