Give Me Five!

It never ceases to amaze me how we always discover and re-discover aspects about ourselves. This happens to us in small and big ways every now and then, most of the times leaving us surprised.

Last week, I happened to come across Bar-A-Thon just by chance. I wasn’t following Blog-A-Rhythm, who organized this and hence had no idea. Bar-A-Thon is a fortnight-long blogging marathon where participants blog every alternate day on the theme provided or on the prompts given for each day.

The theme – run/ sprint/ marathon/ dash/ chase – caught my attention as I have started running recently and was anyway planning to blog about it. However, writing every alternate day appeared intimidating as I am used to blogging 2-4 times a month. Moreover, most of my posts are related to travel. That’s what energizes me and hence the words just flow out quite effortlessly.

Again, it was already Day-1 of the challenge and the last date of registration was over. A quick query to Blog-A-Rhythm sorted that out. Day-1 also meant that I had to post something that very day. Amidst all the apprehensions, I dived right in and got my feet wet. As always, it was the handiwork of the impulsive me and considering that I have some spare time now – a rare luxury – it didn’t seem too bad afterall. I told myself that I will write as much as I can, quite sure that I wouldn’t land up writing every day of the challenge.

Today is the 5th day of the challenge and I have surprised myself by consistently writing without missing even a single one. Moreover, my anticipation of writing only on the theme of running has been put to rest as I have quite effectively used the prompts. In fact, I wrote only one post on running so far.

Bar-A-Thon enabled me to think differently. My blog was mostly about my travel and few other stories that are quite significant happenings in my life. I would have never thought of writing on things like 108 Suryanamaskars, my virtual workplace, and least of all my shoe hoarding obsession. Had it not been for Bar-A-Thon, these stories would have never seen the light of the day and would have probably been forgotten with time defeating the very purpose of my blog. Cheers to Bar-A-Thon and a virtual high five on that.

When I started blogging a year back, again quite randomly, I had no idea of such activities/challenges. Later when I got to know, I didn’t bother to follow along as I thought I could never do it.

There are a million different ways of discovering new things about ourselves. It’s a clichéd thought I know but it is true that we have no idea of what we are capable of nor do we know ourselves entirely. Our true selves are revealed through situations, often times surprising us and catching us completely unaware.

Pic Credit: DeviantArt

Most often, we underestimate our capabilities and get intimidated by the magnitude of a task before us. So, let’s leave behind all assumptions and preconceived notions about ourselves. Let’s strive towards keeping our minds like a blank slate, as we never know what awaits us just round the corner.

Post in response to Day-5 prompt'Give me Five!' for Bar-A-Thon: The Blogging Marathon



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30 thoughts on “Give Me Five!”

  1. Happy to see your blog getting into”uncharted” zone. I’m sure this bar a thon will grow you and your blog. I have seen such a big change over a period of time in my blog. I started with posting pictures and now I write long post. We all need to change as when it is required. BTW by what name should I call you? I guess the name you write is a pseudo name.

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    1. It’s interesting to note that you had started with posting pictures. I always feel awed by how many different stories you bring to us from Jaipur. My name is Neelaanjana, but many people call me Neel and you are already doing that :). Thank you for asking. And what is your name? I have been happily addressing you as Arv, which surely isn’t your full name.


      1. I merely show part of things that I see and experience. I’m sure you can also find many such stories around you. Happy to hear that, Neelaanjana. You just need to add -ind. That’ll complete the name. 😀


        1. So it’s Arvind, should have guessed that :)…..My name has too many ee’s and aa’s (thanks to my fascination with numerology at one time), so I am okay if, you want to continue with the short form 😀


          1. Numerology? You have stopped believing in it? Well, short one definitely is convenient and in line with your blog. What’s the story for rest of the letters? 😃

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            1. I still believe but only to a certain extent. Back then, it was under the influence of Linda Goodman that I had changed the spelling of my name. And, I did it after university so my my certificates still have the old spelling (Nilanjana). It was a shock for my father to discover that I had even taken care of the legalities associated with a name change as I had done all that on my own without his knowledge 😀


      2. Well if you want to see the change you can head over to my blog and search for the old post using the drop down menu on left sidebar. Scroll down to March-June 2015. You will see that I have posted 15-20 post a month. And now it’s 3-6!

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  2. You are an inspiration, Neel. Kudos to your courage and the curiosity to keep rediscovering yourself.
    I remember how I started my blogging journey in 2015. I was neither confident about my writing skills, nor my grammer game was so strong (still believe that I have to work a lot on this). But, the urge to document my travel stories made all the difference. I purchased the domain so that I could remind myself that I’ve invested money on this and to push myself whenever it felt like quitting. Ha ha!
    Thanks to Almighty who has helped me sail this far.

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    1. Thank you Hariom, though inspiration is too big a word.
      You know what I started blogging for a similar reason – to document my treks to the Himalayas. The Himalayas made me discover my joy for writing 🙂
      And, surely by now you know that I totally enjoy your posts, it brings out your innate love for travel. The grammar doesn’t matter as the content comes from your heart and that’s just totally evident in your write-ups.
      Someday when you may be too old to travel, you can relax on a rocking chair and go back and visit all those places all over again 😀

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