I’ll miss you Room ‘M…’

You’ve wanted to be out of this place for a while now. There’s nothing to hold you here anymore. You’ve been longing for someplace else. The time has arrived and you are on your way out. You should be happy but you aren’t. You turn around and look back one last time. The name that has given you an identification of sorts over the last eight years stands out. You think about it for a moment. Is this what’s making you sad? Are you attached to it so much that parting hurts? No, it actually doesn’t. What is it then? It doesn’t take you long to identify what’s pricking you at this moment. It’s the memories associated with this place. Eight years isn’t a very short time.

The memories are associated with the people. Yes, there you are. It’s all those people you leave behind. That’s affecting you.

These are the people you have bonded with over the years. This is your comfort group. These people you trust. They have supported you, loved you, been with you all through. They understand you, they accept you as you are, they care for you. Due to the pandemic, you haven’t been physically together for months now but they’ve always been a part and parcel of your life. It’s a virtually connected world now. Feels like ages since you’ve been together in that ground floor room of Building 13. You miss the incessant chatter, the chai breaks, the lunch times, the small celebrations, and all those fun and laughter.

These are thoughts that play in my mind as I walk out of the gate after having submitted my laptop and taking care of the last of the formalities. I had resigned from my job a few weeks before this day. This was not a voluntary resignation. It was another one of those collateral damages of the pandemic that I had to deal with. The company had decided to do away with some roles and I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are probably going to outsource the job I did – I guess. There’s work to do and someone has to do it.

As I walked out my mind kept returning back to the close circuit of people, the people I care about.

I know these people are not out of my life. Over time, they have become friends from colleagues. At the same time, I am practical enough to know that the connection henceforth will not remain the same. I can no longer contribute to the office-related conversations. And, I will certainly miss all of that. All of this reiterates the fact that a place is made by the people and not the other way round. It’s the people who make a place dear to you. It’s only the people that matter. The place you work at may or may not be a reputed one, your paycheck may or may not be a great one, your job role may or may not be an enjoyable one. But if you have a gang of people that you click with, you may just be okay to make those compromises.

I will miss you Room ‘M…’, Ground Floor, Building-13.

A fun picture from last year Christmas, though not everyone from Room ‘M…’ is in this picture.

Author: neelstoria

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31 thoughts on “I’ll miss you Room ‘M…’”

  1. Yeah leaving the organisation and moving away from your colleagues with whom you associated long is really a difficult moment in ones life. But life is like that and you have to move on to find more exiting avenues waiting for you. Best of luck for the new beginning.

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    1. True that! Let’s hope 2021 will be different. Though years are man-made measures of time and hence we can’t say that come 2021 and everything will just be fine. But then nothing lasts forever, so this time will end too. Thank you for your good wishes. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I never really fell for that ‘next year will be better’ lark. But at least a year’s turning is a valid mark of the passing of time. As is the day. The one I’ve really grown to dislike as I get older is the week. Now that REALLY IS a man-made load of nonsense but it dictates so much of our lives. I’d love to ban it! Best of luck anyway.

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  2. Life’s a journey and you need to move on! Memories of sweet kind stays with, anything that wasn’t so sweet, jerk it off! As you move ahead in life, you will find new people, new groups and fresh environment! But you cherish the memories of your last association… the bonding of yesteryears will be modified a bit, but not totally vanish!
    Wishing you all the best Neel!
    Keep moving…. life’s full of surprises!

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  3. Neel, I am so infrequent to WP recently that I look forward to the weekend to catchup on what happened, but this is not something I wanted to read – this horrible year doesn’t seem to end! The memories thankfully don’t need to be returned like laptops.

    It’s also true that things start to become a drag in those behemoth places after a time, so change brings good things too.

    A trekker definitely looks forward to new paths and newer challenges, and it would bring you equal if not greater joys of accomplishment. I definitely look forward to read that, stay safe and happy 🙂

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  4. It is hard to erase memories, Neel. Times are tough but they will never last. I’m sure the memories you have created within the last 8 years will sail you through this tough year. When you leave one door, another one opens up. Best of luck, Neel.

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